Monday, March 19, 2012

Went to a BiTS format tourney on Saturday.

We used three of the Blood in the Sun scenarios. Pins for the doll, Behead the serpent, and A call to arms. Can find these at

Game one was A Call To Arms. I played my Dark Elves against High Elves(played by an 11 year old) got beat by scenario scoring 7 to 6 points.

Game 2 was Behead The Serpent. Opponent was Dwarfs. I wiped out his army and won 25 to 0. Tourney points so far: 31

Game three was Pins for the Doll: Ogres (brutal but fun game) had some fleeing but couldnt run them of the table so didnt get points. lost 15 to 5.

total points 36. missed third place  5 points. Had a blast though. Great opponents and sportsmanship.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Painter this a couple weeks ago.


Welcome to my new blog. This blog will follow my progress with my Dark Elves. I will post about my painting progress as I complete models and will also be posting about my games. Join me in my journey from NOOB WHFB player to (hopefully) a tournament winner.